Our Suppliers

BC Craft Supply Co. is proud to partner with BC’s best craft cannabis growers. As our suppliers, you are at the heart of everything we do, and we are passionate about getting your quality cannabis to consumers at the best possible price. We understand that throughout decades of prohibition, craft cannabis cultivation was a labour of love for generations of families who took pride in what they grew, upheld long standing traditions, and put quality before quantity.

In the legal economy, these families are now competing with mass production facilities, large scale cultivators, and automated production equipment. But at BC Craft Supply Co., we know true quality requires individual care and attention to detail.

That’s why BC Craft Supply Co. champions and supports craft growers, their families, businesses, and local communities. That’s why we invest in the skills of your labourers, in the independence of your operations, and in your celebration of your craft. That’s why we compensate you fairly and provide you with the help you need to keep growing your world-class bud.