Grow With Us

We know you care about the quality of your product and take pride in your work – and so do we.

We only sell craft cannabis from small-scale suppliers like you and we want to give you the help you need to keep growing. As one of our growers, you will have access to BC Craft Supply Co.’s team of industry veterans, who can assist you in all aspects of your craft cannabis business, from guiding you through the licensing process to advising on cultivation best practices.

Provided your product meets quality assurance requirements, BC Craft Supply Co. will compensate you fairly, buy all your product at market prices, and ensure your quality cannabis reaches consumers at the best possible price.

And throughout our partnership, you will always maintain full control of your business, with the freedom to expand and innovate as you see fit.

Help Us Help You: This survey will help inform us to better advocate for higher level policy changes in the cannabis cultivation space. You can be anonymous, or you can choose if you would like to stay informed.