New Licensing System

Supply Chain

In the new legal cannabis economy, licensed processors serve as brokers, checking quality assurance and ensuring packaging compliance. These processors then facilitate the sale of this formally approved cannabis to medical retailers and provincial distribution systems.

As a licensed processor, BC Craft Supply Co. will conduct all required testing, ensure your cannabis meets these quality assurance standards, and package your product in keeping with regulations. We will buy your product at competitive market rates, formally approve it for sale, and bring it to consumers at the best possible price.

We help you stay small, so you can grow big.

Mandatory Licensing

In the new legal market, no licensed processor is going to risk selling illicit product. Licensed processors must only partner with licensed cultivators, so small and medium-sized cultivators must get a micro or standard cultivation licence to remain viable.

However, that can be complicated. Not only must owners and key personnel pass security screenings, they must also establish suitable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The growing facility must also meet physical security requirements and be approved by both inspectors.and local bylaws.

We know how tough it can be – but BC Craft Supply Co. is here to help. We’ve been through the licensing system and know how to navigate it. We can guide you through the application process and help bring your growing talent into the legal space.

Security Requirements

Under the new regulations, any licensed growing facility must meet basic security requirements, including perimeter barriers, key card locks, secure storage space, intrusion alarms, backup power, and security cameras. Your business will also need a security plan, organizational chart, and a head of security on staff.

When building a new growing facility, consideration must be made for security infrastructure – and any existing facilities will need to be heavily retrofitted.

That’s why BC Craft Supply Co.’s team includes exceptional security specialists. From staff training to systems design and implementation, they will ensure your craft growing facility fully complies with all security regulations and requirements.

Quality Assurance

In the legal regime, before any cannabis product can be sold, it must meet certain minimum safety requirements and receive quality assurance approval. This is monitored using analytical testing.

Passing these quality control tests require a comprehensive approach to safety. Many pesticides are banned and bacteria, molds, and yeasts are highly limited. Grow spaces must be clean and personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used. You must also use air pressure to keep pests out, maintain a suitable climate, and filter out particulates.

This may sound complicated, but BC Craft Supply Co. can help you design and implement a quality assurance infrastructure to ensure your product is approved every time.

Good Production Practices

In order to be granted a cultivation licence, all growers must conform to Health Canada’s Good Production Practices (GPP). At its core, this means providing the government with full details of how the facility was built and how your operations are run. GPPs are broken down into three categories: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), reporting and tracking, and equipment/infrastructure.

SOPs are a catalogue of every single procedure expected to be undertaken in the growing facility, and includes fail safe instructions to be followed in the event of problems. SOPs must be organized and accessible to regulators.

Reporting means keeping a comprehensive and easily accessed record of all activities at the facility. Tracking means recording how a product moves on site, and equipment and infrastructure means listing all equipment used at your growing facility.

Health Canada must approve all of these elements before it can grant any cultivation licence. BC Craft Supply Co. has regulatory and operational specialists who can help you develop comprehensive Good Production Practices that will get government approval.

Stay Small, Grow Big

At BC Craft Supply Co., we know British Columbia has a wealth of craft growing talent with the ability to produce world-class cannabis for the new legal market. But we know it can be difficult to meet all of Health Canada’s requirements – so our team is here to help. We want to help you to get the cultivation licence you need, help you get your craft product to Canadian consumers, and help you stay small, and grow big.