Get Licensed

The newly approved system of cultivation licences is designed to facilitate the growth of a diverse, competitive, legal industry of large and small players across Canada – but applying for a licence can be a challenging process for craft growers.

Craft growers, or micro cultivators, can only hold one growing licence per facility and are restricted to 200 square metres of canopy space. Not only that, but they cannot sell directly to retailers or the BC Liquor Distribution Branch.

The licence application is long, detailed, and far reaching, demanding information and compliance from across the whole of your cannabis growing operation, without any guarantee of approval. Amongst other requirements are a site layout and facility design, risk management programs, standard operating procedures, quality assurance reports, and security protocols.

For a small business, the application process can be daunting and expensive – but you don’t need to go it alone. That’s where BC Craft Supply Co. comes in.