For Us Craft Is More Than A Product

It’s a way of life. At the heart of our operation are the people who care about the quality of their product and who take pride in their labour. In return we offer a fair price for a fair day’s work, ensuring the success of small businesses and local communities across the nation. We help you stay small so you can grow big.

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How We Help

Get Licensed

The Cannabis market is changing. We’ll make sure that you’re ready. Our team of industry veterans offers craft cultivators one-on-one support for growing techniques, quality assurance, facility design, security clearances, health and safety standard compliance, staff training, product distribution, and more.

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Grow With Us

The newly approved system of cultivation licences is designed to facilitate the growth of a diverse, competitive, legal industry of large and small players across Canada. But for a small company without the resources of larger competitors, gaining a foothold in the market can be a big challenge…that’s where we come in.

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Our Suppliers

BC Craft Supply Co. is proud to partner with BC’s best craft cannabis growers. As our suppliers, you are at the heart of everything we do, and we are passionate about getting your quality cannabis to consumers at the best possible price.

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BC Craft Supply Co.'s experienced team of security experts will ensure your facility meets all necessary security requirements, such as perimeter barriers, key card locks, secure storage space, an intrusion alarm, backup power, and security cameras. We will also work with you to create a security plan and organizational chart, and assist in getting background checks for key personnel.

Reporting & Standard Operating Procedures

BC Craft Supply Co.'s team of regulatory and operational experts will help you develop and conform to comprehensive Good Production Practices that will get government approval. We will ensure your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), reporting and tracking systems, and equipment/infrastructure all meet the requirements you need to fulfil to get your licence.

Quality Assurance

BC Craft Supply Co. will help you design and implement a quality assurance infrastructure and use analytical testing to ensure your product meets the required minimum safety requirements and is approved for sale every time. We will make sure you meet even the most stringent requirements.


As a licensed processor, BC Craft Supply Co will serve as your brokers, checking quality assurance and ensuring packaging compliance. We will perform all required tests, package your product, formally approve it for sale, and bring it to retail in our distribution system at the best price possible.

As our partner, you will maintain full control of your business, with the freedom to expand and innovate as you see fit. Our respect for entrepreneurship and independence is what got us where we are today.

Now let us help you get where you need to go.

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